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African Deals Finder App allow you to quickly and efficiently locate African Business, Event and Product near you.

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Nowadays you can almost find anything online before hitting the road. African Deals Finder App allow user to quickly and efficiently locate African business, Service and Product nearby. *With the information provided to our platform we bring to you a friendly user interface that help to locate products and services., users are able to connect to their favorite stores near them and tap on the address for the turn to turn gps direction.  ADF App give you access to business phone number for directly call in for orders or ask a question. Information are checked randomly and updated frequently for our user great experience. *FREE download available to all customers.

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So why We say African Deals Finder App? We simply help business to tell customer what they do and offer direct to their eye-site. By a little love and the art of adding value to your word of mouth, we give you control over the message that explain your business and services that you offer. ADF App understand the power of choice, that the help customer need to know in making decision before leaving their doors. The know what services are near by me and avoid the hassle of driving around. ADF App give customer a precise ping location of the business so customer don't get lost. ADF App allows customer to contact business directly by phone or visit to the website, this eliminate typing errors or remembering names, plus the hassle of wasting time digging around looking for business card or waiting for direction. ADF App help business to announce new arrivals by share their shelves display directly to customers. With both for Local and Global markets ADF put smiles to many and with technology advancement you will always be on the know. Business are simply maximize your sales by select what cities you will like your products to appear on the African Deals Finder app. ADF App is the now way for all kind businesses., Farmers to place product in front of buyer's/market and eliminate chain brokers.,  Tourism companies to get booking directly by posting tours packages directly to target Cities or Countries and many more.
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